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#55 II have two pottery bowls with a small hole at the top of each. On the bottom are the initials (in small letters) tgl also the word
Alaska and two small outlines of animal footprints.  I have tried and cannot find any information.
   Click for photos
#54 I have two pencil prints by  Fred Brinks. Both are #20 of 100.  One is Peregrine Falcon and the other Bighorn Sheep. I received
them as a gift in the late 1970s. Does anyone know anything of the artist, and are there other pieces by him? 
  Click for photos
#53 I have a 2 panel first print by William "Bill" Gorsline from the mid to late 1980s, believe it was a run of 90.  Anyone have more information on this artist?   Click for photos
#52 I  have a silver bracelet with a beaver design carved on it signed J Lyn 92. Do you know anything about this artist or how to contact them? I know that was 22 years ago but if you do I would certainly appreciate it.   Click for photos
  One piece of the puzzle:  Her name is/was Jenny Lyn and M.K. bought totemic note cards by her in the 1980's in Juneau.
#51 I bought this 4" x 6" miniature oil painting in Fairbanks by artist Stokesbury (no first name or initials).  Painted around 1989, I believe the painting was owned by Laureen Phillips of Fairbanks and was originally purchased at a Miniature Art Show sponsored by the Fairbanks Art Association. Any info on the artist would be helpful and interesting to know..    Click for photos
#50 Any information on AE "Betty" Parks?  I have 2 paintings by her from 1966 and I'm looking for any other artwork and information on her. July of 1966 she was in Anchorage, AK.   
  We have an answer:
  Her full name was Anna Elizabeth Park. She signed her paintings A.E. Park. She signed her pottery, The Parks, Anchorage and then the year. She was known as Betty Park and many of her friends called her Betts. She lived in a little homestead shack outside of Anchorage (the high school is there now I believe). She lived in that shack while she built her own house on the property.  read more about this fascinating lady on her photo page
#49 My father was stationed at the military base in Kodiak, Alaska from 1958 to 1960 while he serving in the Marine Corps and served as the Chief of Security for the atomic bomb dump the military had stored there during that time. We live in base housing across from the air strip. My parents and I would go into town for church and some of our shopping. My mother bought these art pieces sometime while we there and had them displayed in our home until they passed away. I have since displayed them in my home. As my wife and I age we are wanting to think about the future owners of these pieces as we hand them off to our children or grandchildren.  Any help you or others might provide about Matthew will be greatly appreciated.     Click for photos
#48 Bear teeth, one signed Isabell Nokvalin? the other signed Edgar Iyapana. The front of each tooth look like a bear head (very simple) then a very distinct carved nose, eyes, mouth, ears and head are carved/scrimshawed out/on the teeth.   Click for photos
  We have an answer:
  Edgar Iyapana was an ivory carver in Kotzebue. He was active in the mid 1970s, when I bought some pickle forks from him with a sea mammal motif (various animals) and commissioned a pair of ptarmigan earrings... M. McAlpin 12/18/2014
#47 I bought this necklace at the Soaring Eagle, 53 Main Street, Ketchikan, AK in 2008. The artist is Scott Kascalla,  any information would be helpful.  I'm hoping his work is online.   Click for photos
#46 Is it Alaskan?  I bought this glass plate (with foil Made In Alaska sticker) a few days ago at a thrift store. I just thought it beautiful and I search to identify things and love art and this plate was dazzling, I thought the imagery might have some ethnic connection to Alaska.          Click for photos
#45 Would you happen to have any information on an Alaskan Silversmith  ...Susan Fay Ellii..? or ...Suzan Fielii?  She worked at the center in Sitka & signed with a backwards "S". At the time there was a silversmith teacher named Ed James (Tsal Xaan Guwakaan) there. Any information would be helpful...      Click for photos
#44 Would you happen to have any information on an Alaskan artist named Patmera/Patmira/Palmera/Palmira Chaves, an artist from the 1970’s. She lived in Anchorage during that time, and was very good friends with my mom, whom she gave a painting to (dated 1974). She went by the first name (or nickname) of Pat, and I think she passed away in the late 70s or 80s. I have inherited the painting, and am trying to find out any information that I can. Thank you for any help!      Click for photos
#43 I am trying to find some information about a lamp I have. Made by Nobby Studios in Anchorage.  If you have any info or can point me in the right direction that would be great. [The lamp's owner found her own answer as to the source of original lamp shades (click here), but not any information about the Nobby Studio people.. Pam]   Click for photos
#42 I have this brooch that I bought in Alaska about 25 - 30 years ago. I would like to find out information about the artist. I believe the initials on the piece are TN Click for photos
#41 I just purchased a mask--appears to be bone--with initials RLD or RLO etched in the back. I found it in Denver at an estate sale in June, 2013.  It measures about 14" tall by 7" wide. Is a face within a face.  Click for photos
#40 Can you tell me who to contact about a painting by Barbara Dix Patten in 1982. Subject was an Eskimo or
Indian with a papoose on her back. “Nome Alaska” is also showing in the signature.  I’m drawing a blank on any information except that Ms Patten was apparently killed in a sledding accident in 1988.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. My wife just found the painting while cleaning out her
recently deceased sister’s house. Her sister would have acquired the picture as she worked on the pipeline and stayed awhile after completion.
I just received the attached photos from my wife. It looks to me like the picture is a signed print as
the name, date, location showing are in one style and the script signature is below.     
Click for photos
#39 Bill Engles married a local Minto woman by the name of Betty Titus. Bill is a very well respected artist and the painting I have is called "Tea Time" from 1976. Does anyone know where I can find more information about the painting? I would be interested in value, other paintings by Bill that might be for sale and more biographical information.      Click for photos
#38 I purchased this very large mural (27" x 50") by LiL Gerl  from an Alaskan who was closing his home. I would
like to find out more about her and her work. I know she was active in the '70s and '80s and has a daughter Jennifer Reid who is also an artist.      
Click for photos
  We have an answer:
   I have 2 large paintings by Lil Gerl. I think she worked at People's Bank & Trust, with my husband, in the 70's. I don't know any more than that, but will try to make some inquiries..... J. Melville, 7/10/2013
#37 I have a 21.5" walrus tusk scrimshaw that was traded in 1957 by Homer Apatiki of Gambell to my aunt and uncle of Fairbanks for a B-9 parka coat. The scrimshaw work was passed to my grandparents, next my parents and now to me.  In my research of scrimshaw art I have not found what I would call comparable pieces.
It would be good to know more about Apatiki and his works.      
Click for photos
#36 Tusk is signed Ahsaruc, no date found, from top of skull to bottom of tusk is 24" and the skull itself is 7" wide. It has a total of eight scrimshaws. Our grandfather (John Cook) lived in Fairbanks and Anchorage off and on from the early fifties until about 2001.  He died a couple of years ago and this was found in the bottom of one of his storage tubs last week in bubble wrap. Click for photos
#35 Anyone have knowledge of L.j.W. or L.i.j.w.?  I came across a group of signed ivory carvings from an estate. Her brother had lived near Anchorage a good part of his life. They are largely animals and range in size from 1/2" to about 4" and are very nicely executed. All are signed "L.i.j.w." with a couple having Fbk AK and mid-nineties dates    Click for photos
#34 Anyone have knowledge of Pastel Artists Angeline Wulf? Anyone recognizes the mountain view? Click for photos
#33 Anyone have knowledge of Pastel Artists Jessie D. Patterson? I'd like to find out more about the artist and if anyone recognizes the young girl in the portrait.        Click for photos
  We have an answer:
   I have several paintings by Jessie Patterson. I used to live at Circle Hot Springs in the interior, and she stayed there for some time. Jessie taught my sister and myself ( Calvert Course, we were home-schooled) when I was probably 1st grade. Possibly, she only taught us art, which really didn't stick with me. At any rate, my folks ended up with about 20 of her pastel paintings. I think I may have seen one in the Anchorage Pioneer home. I will try to send you some pictures later. My sister and brother have about 2/3 of them.
There was a column in the newspaper in the early 70's; someone asking about Jessie. Jessie was known by the columnist, who said the largest collection of her work was around Glennallen ( I think). That was likely the Anchorage Times, not the Anchorage Daily News, as I said earlier.
I do remember that she used to do artwork for Wien Airlines in the late 40's or early 50's - calendars, posters, etc. I will try to get more information, but that is about all I have..... J. Melville, 7/10/2013  
#32 A small stick pin scrimshawed with a kayaker, the initials P.K.O. on the back.    Click for photos
#31 We found this painting in an antique store in Anchorage about 15 years ago.  The shop keeper said the painting was by an apprentice or understudy of an Alaskan artist that may have specialized in painting Indians.
     Click for photos
#30 Our family used to live in Cordova, AK. When my mother and father passed away I was given a beautiful picture
of mother(?) and child. I'd love a little information on the artist but I can't make out the signature.
 [The signature looks like it includes an Asian type "chop" above it... Pam]        Click for photos
  We have an answer:
   I recognized his image from a painting or print I used to see when I took evening walks in Anchorage back around 1970. One house always had the curtains open and there hanging on a wall was this painting or a large print of it. I always slowed to enjoy the image -- the highlight of my walks. Here's some info on it or at least a version of it that I found at:

    Eustace Paul Ziegler (1881-1969) 12 x 14 oil on Masonite, “Doxie & Basil”. Signed at lower left: Ziegler, with his cache symbol above.  In a hand-carved Newcomb-Macklin pattern frame. Kleinbardt title plate.
Provenance: Laura Lee Carr Mathis, Fairbanks, from the artist.  Richard Lee, Newbury Park, CA, her nephew, by descent, 1999.
   The original models for this popular Ziegler image are an Athabaskan Native woman from the Wood River drainage named Eudoxia and her son Basil. One sees them also when Basil was younger, as “Tanana Woman and Dog”, with Basil as a papoose. Ziegler executed “Doxie and Basil” in various sizes in oil and also in watercolor and drypoint. This image, as “Indian Mother and Child” has been produced as a 24 x 36 print continuously since 1962.  “Doxie & Basil” is recorded in the Smithsonian American Art Museums Inventory of American Paintings. ... DCornelius, 10/12/2012
#29 We can't get a line on the artist (or how to spell the last name).  Anyone have an idea or information? 
The name appears to be
P Nayler or Nagler
       Click for photos
  We have an answer:  Marquetry = art and craft of applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures.  Believe the pictures were done by Peter Nagle of Homer (style is the same). - Pam
#28 My sister, Clara Cooper, was a teacher in Kwethluk (east of Bethel) from 1960 to 1980 - I'd appreciate any
information about this J.F. Little painting      
Click for photos
#27 I have a friend who was born in Fairbanks, his family moved and brought a painting with them. It's an oil painting
signed ABEAR
   Click for photos
#26 About thirty years ago I visited Alaska and bought this graphic of a salmon from Sven Pearson? in 1982. Can I use this graphic in my exhibition and book, or will there be copyright problems?   Click for photos
We have an answer:     Sven Pearson emailed his OK! ... 6/15/12
#25 I am trying to find Rita Turner from Homer who used to make halibut pins - painted and fired – and sell them during the summer at the Anchorage Market a couple of years back. She hasn’t been there since, any idea where she is?   Click for photos
#24 I have a number of small Ivory carvings which all have engraved or incised on the bottom... DODGE ALASKA TEST RUN 1949. They are 1- Inuit in a Kayak, 2- Walrus, 3- Seal, 4- Seal. I don't know if they were gifts to the drivers or possible a tourist memento but they are all beautifully carved by a master carver. Do you know anything of the event in 1949, or who the artist's) were?  [No photos yet, but here's a link to the Dodge/Chrysler pictures of the 1949 trial runs - Pam]
#23 I have a deceased friend who lived in Alaska for many years and was a painter. I believe he lived in or near Fairbanks but am not positive. I heard that he painted a work which was a apart of Alaska's 49th state celebration, but I am not sure that is a fact. I
would appreciate any information I can find on him. His Name was Bob Beaver and he was originally from Montana.
#22 I lived in Eagle River, AK from 1991-1995. I purchased a lithograph by an artist named: Thomas Butler, 1993 “A Dozen Autumns”, of a moose. Can you tell me anything about the artist? If he is still painting and where he is now?   Click for photos 
[Contact, not an answer: I do not know if he is still painting but I have a collection of Thomas Butler approx 8-10 pieces that I would like to sell. NNull 4/15/2012]
  There is not much information about him on the internet other than he is from Trapper Creek Alaska.  Possibly: born in 1950 and currently living in Warrens, Wisconsin.  Previously in Anchorage, AK (2003), before that in Trapper Creek, AK [Not an answer but interesting info from KW.. ]
#21 Oil painting from artist Jirish Waller, PBH in Anchorage, AK. The letter in his first name is blurred.  The painting is 34" X 28"
with blue inlaid tile within the frame.  Does someone know the correct name of this artist?
  Click for photos  
We have two answers:
Full name is John "Irish" Waller, the PBH stands for Painted By Hand.  Thanks to Joy Fay... 6/21/12

He passed away a few years ago, was an oil & watercolor artist.  He painted a bear that was used on the old Alaska license plates.  This information from a good friend of J Irish Waller   12/11/2012
In the 70's "Irish" told another friend PBH stood for Poor But Honest - makes sense to me... 3/9/13
#20 In 1960 I lived in Spenard, Alaska, my mom took me (12 yrs old) to this artist and she taught me how to paint.  I made 3 paintings at her home. We used her oils and her canvas boards. I don't know her name and would like to know.   Click for photos
#19 While on vacation in AK my husband and I saw a piece of art at the restaurant Wolf Run in Fairbanks.
It was titled "Grey Wolf" and the artist was G.Turner 1995. We have been trying to find G.Turner but
don't even know if they are male or female.
  Click for photos  and New Information: 10/6/2011
#18 [Have another Made in Alaska by Raven totem, suspect Made in Alaska by Raven may be a studio, co-op or consortium from the '60s   Hope pairing these pictures with #11's will lead us to find the history of artist(s) and totems - Pam]   Click for photos
#17 Clay Doll Maker? - is there a clay doll maker in Alaska?  [We've received an email inquiry and I don't find a single listing thru Google.  Help!  Send an email or regular mail with your info [prefer with doll's photo(s)] - Please... Pam]
#16 I have a painting of a Moose painted on a animal hide with the caption "Monarch of Alaskan Forrest", by (looks like) W.W. Betzele, from Fairbank, Painted in 1918. Could you give me any information about this artist?   
Click for photos
#15 I was in Anchorage in 1983 and purchased these masks there. I may have bought them in a pawn shop. I was told they were burial mask made in the image of the person who died. I was also told there were fewer and fewer artist with the knowledge to carry on this work. I'm trying to find out if this artist, Dora Stine, was well known. Any help you can give would be appreciated.    Click for photos    [We have found a Dora Inuura Otis Stine of Barrow,  1922 - 2007, anyone know if she made 2 burial masks (and how they ended up in Anchorage for sale)? - Pam]
#14 I have acquired 2 paintings. I cannot tell who the artist is… Do you have any idea? Any help? I would like as much info as possible, I thank you for any help.  Click for photos
#13 I'm looking for a silversmith artist by the name Brenda Kasik (sp?). I believe she was originally from Haines or Wrangell. I have a bracelet from her and have heard that she is not working anymore and would like to find a bracelet for my daughter. Any information would be great!
#12 I found a set of wonderful hand-painted individual ashtrays with black & white images of Eskimo, Polar Bear, Igloos, Sled Dogs, Moose, etc.  They are wonderful, and each piece is incised with "VS Alaska 1962" on the bottom. Would just love to know who VS might be.  I love his (or her) work!  Click for photos
#11 I have a beautiful Totem which is about 3’ high, and has spread wings making it about 3’ wide.  It is signed “Made in Alaska by Raven”, so I assume the artist name is simply Raven. I am very interested to know the artist and the meaning behind the piece. ~ it was given to me as a gift. Click for photos
#10 I found a painting down here in Las Vegas by an artist name Goodalle, I believe his first name was John The painting is a 1946 oil that was used in an ad campaign in that years' tourist book. Anyone have information on him or his wife Kathleen?    [Still trying to get a photo of this work - Pam]
  We have an answer:
Harvey Goodale did paint in Alaska from the early 40s until his death. His wife, Ellen Henne Goodale continued painting through the 1980s and died in 1991. I believe their early work was part of a commission by the Army to paint scenery along the Haines highway. He also did a series of portraits of the early Alaskan Bush pilots that hung in the Fairbanks airport and was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake.  Harvey’s wife, Ellen was my cousin  ...RMcCall, 2/25/2012
#9 I have a Koyuk carving that I'd like some info on. The piece is signed but I can not get a good picture of it. Are you familiar with the artist and is his first initial I. or J. Koyuk?       Click for photos   
  We have an answer:
 If it is an I Koyuk then it's Issac Koyuk, but if it's J Koyuk then it is Joachim Koyuk.  I don't remember if Issac made snow birds during the 60's, I know that my grandfather Joachim did. I have seen many of his carvings and this does look like one of his.  Joachim is the father of Issac, both are from King Island, AK and they moved to Nome after 1960 when the government closed the school down on King Island.  Joachim is my grandfather and Issac is my uncle, both are deceased
 ... JTCarlisle, 10/15/2010
#8  I'm looking for Alaskan Artist G. Schlappi. I own a oil painting of elk trailing through a snowy landscape near a cabin. The year of the painting is 1969. This elk picture was purchased on the Kenai Peninsula.
#7    I recently discovered a block print of an Inuit Child signed E. St. Claire. Have you heard of that artist? Also included was a photo of the child from 1953 that she designed the block print from. Click for photos
   I purchased the print and photo at an estate sale that had a lot of other Alaska prints and tourists things. Thank-you so much for your help. I thought the child was adorable. It appears to have been a gift.
#6   I am looking for information on Ed(?) Rayburn. I use to stop in his studio, where he taught oil painting, on Blueberry north across from the Salvation Army Thrift Store on W. No. Lights Blvd. in Anchorage.
  He taught in the studio off Blueberry for several years.  I have not spoken with him since about 1990. I was told he may have lived in the Anchorage Pioneer Home in the mid 90's(??)  The paintings I have are on 16x20 canvas as most of his were at that time. I also have photos of him painting at his easel. 

  We have an answer:  
"I am writing to you after seeing my uncle, Ed Rayburn, on your site.  I am sad to inform you that he passed away in 2007 while living in Willow, Alaska. I knew him as my Uncle Joe. His full name was Edmond Franklin Joseph Rayburn, Jr. and his most recognized work was a painting called 'Day of the Ahgvik' ....  A. Rayburn, 3/22/2010"
#5 I have a old copper art picture of an igloo with Eskimo.. (it) has a 3D effect. It is signed La was purchased by my parents when we lived in Anchorage in the early to mid 1950's. It is one of my prized possessions and have been unable to find any information on this artist. The frame is wood painted black and is original to the picture. The picture measures about 9 by 12 inches.
#4 I am trying to locate information on an artist named H.J. Henthorn. I purchased two prints by this artist in 1983 at a charity auction in Anchorage. They are numbered and signed. The artwork is of railroad cars from the Alaska Railroad McKinley National Park Route.
#3    Some twenty five + years ago I visited Anchorage, Alaska and had the pleasure of purchasing a wildlife water colour done by a local artist by the name of Shannon Chase Poole. At the time, she had a number of unlimited edition prints and I would love to purchase more of her artwork.  Her last known address was Box 13154, Trapper Creek, Alaska 99683.
  We have an answer:  
I sold [Shannon's] work in Anchorage when I owned a gallery back in the '80's.  I do have a large inventory of 4 of her limited edition prints and may have a small inventory of her un-numbered prints. ... S.L., 11/23/10"
#2 I have a painting by Shirley Munro-Rhine. It was purchased at the Farshi Fine Arts Studio in Seward Alaska in about 1979.  The title of the painting is “Reinbold”.  Can you tell me anything about the painting or artist?
  Shirley's son contacted me by phone today (8/17/10).  Shirley has passed away but hopefully the family will post some of her works on the web soon...  Pam - ArtistsAlaska
#1 Quite a few years ago, my parents purchased a piece of art-work by Susan Payne...49/750 entitled "Whale/Killer Whale"...1960s?  According to some notes on the back of the framed piece, the pressed-paper shapes are based upon Eskimo Spirit Masks.  I am trying to put together some biographical information for Ms. Payne and maybe obtain a picture of the artist. The intent is to consolidate this information and attach it to the back of piece for posterity.  [Alaskan Artist Don Cornelius says she's still in the area, trying to touch base with her - Pam]
  We have an answer:  
"With [Artists Alaska's clues and] the help of an Alaskan art studio, I was able to track down the artist, Susan Payne, in Petersburg Alaska. She was kind enough to send me some biographical material and a photograph so that I could put together some information to place on the back of our piece done by her ... D.D., 3/23/10"
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